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Climate of Penedès is typically Mediterranean, luminous and very sunny. Winters are soft and not very warm summers. The zone of Penedès has a great diversity of microclimates, because of its proximity with the coast and altitude. Some vineyards can even find at 700 m altitude.


Moderate pluviometry distributed during all the year produces an optimum microclimate for the crop of stock and for ripening of grape. The median strip is 514 l/m² annual. Autumn is season with maxim pluviometry followed by spring.


Medium stip of solar exposure is 2.548, favourable for optimum ripening of grape.


Baix Penedès medium stip temperature is 14,4 ºC and Central Penedès 12 ºC. Penedès Superior is a typical zone of plelitoral climate where freezes are more frequent and the difference among the maximum temperatures and minimum temperatures are senior. The minimum temperatures are registered in January, 2,63 ºC and the maxims in July, 27,78 ºC.


Penedès comes off protected of cold winds, but the region is open to the Mistral and West winds. In summer the sea breezes predominate.